Tower Erection/Construction

o Monopoles

o Self-Supports

o Guy Wires

o Roof-top/Water tank/Smokestack carrier installations

o Carrier Platform/Boom installations

o Antenna/Fiber/Coax installation

o Fiber/Coax Testing

o Microwave installation

o Tower mapping

o Decommissioning

o Tower lighting

o Stealth Installations

Structural Modifications

o Flat Plate installation

o Base Plate Extensions

o Base Plate Stiffeners

o Aerial Welding

o Guy Wire Tensioning and modifications

o Tower leg reinforcements

o Rooftop steel platform reinforcement and installation

o Foundation Reinforcements

o Member replacements and reinforcement

Civil/Electrical Construction

o Demolition and Excavation

o Concrete pads and Foundations

o Shelter and Equipment installations

o Masonry

o Platforms and Utility frames

o Fencing

o Landscaping

o DC System Installs and Upgrades

o Power Plant Installation

o New service/upgrades

o Battery Installation

o Generator Installation